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918 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by 冠霆 江 918 days ago
  • OS 
  • DMA: Direct memory access 
  • MMU: 
  • TLB:
  • context switch
  • L2 cache  patch: problem by not flushed cache
  • if ARM coefficient name has a "." like TTBCR.N, it mean we need to notice the bit length of it.
  • SSA
976 days ago
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Unfiled. Edited by 冠霆 江 976 days ago
  • 實作紀錄
  • 安裝問題
  • 執行時下列code遇上 "ERROR: DTC (libfdt) not presen".
  • 做過 sudo apt-get install libfdt-dev 了嗎?很可能是系統太舊,沒有收錄新的套件
  • 解決問題 感謝老師
  • 追加test功能
  • 加入fibonacci number
  • 新增new函數
  • new的極限是6個
  • 新增tasklogger將log寫入記錄檔案

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